The Underbelly of Social Media.

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It started like this:


So.. Assuming that you know that Wimbledon is held in Wimbledon, London, you can probably see the silliness of the tweet. Silly, yes. Stupid, no.

So why then did this tweet receive this response: “Is Wimbo always in London? asks Twit” or these:

Twit? Putting the play on words aside (it is the Sun from the UK – not exactly highbrow), is that an acceptable reaction to the tweet? Would the journalist say that to the woman’s face? And ‘moron’?  That doesn’t really pass the Grandmother test, does it?

Social media, is just that  – social. And like ‘real-life’ social interactions, there are times when people fall back on the mob mentality to ridicule another. In schools, we typically call this behaviour bullying. That a UK ‘personality’ Piers Morgan jumped into the ridicule with two feet and then attempted to make amends by inviting the original poster onto his show highlights that there is always a benefit in ridiculing others to somebody – even if it is in the form of TV ratings.

To believe that social media will create a world where everyone gets along and the best ideas will always come to the top is naive. The reality is that social media only serves as a reflection of broader society and this example demonstrates that efforts to educate society on the detrimental effects of mob behaviours still requires eternal vigilance.

Do you want to know the funny thing, though?

The original tweet isn’t as silly as it sounds. Prior to 1965, Wimbledon was held in Surrey, not London.




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