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Ok, it’s official, my head just exploded. Following an #edchat on Twitter will do that to you!




One of the great things about having a broad and dynamic Professional Learning Network is that, just when you feel like it’s all a bit too hard, something comes along and stokes the fires again.

Tonight I was participating in the #aussieED Twitter EdChat about the benefits of blogging both for students and for teachers. Some great individuals (@MRsalakas, @ZeinaChalich, just to name a few!) have shared their thoughts on what makes a good blog and how educators can use blogging to amplify the voices of ourselves and our students.

What I also found inspiring was the simple suggestions of everyday teachers from around the world on how we can better leverage blogging as a learning opportunity.


#1, Get started (that’s my tip!)

#2. Write for you, not for others (@GeoMouldey)

#3 Keep it short (@diPrato)

#4 Focus on the ‘do’s’ rather than the ‘don’ts’ (@mythsysizer)

#5 Don’t get discouraged! (@joprestia)

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