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technology in education

In education, as in other aspects of our society, technology has been lauded as a tool to open up opportunities previously inaccessible to many.

Much has been written on how technology can be trans-formative for students’ learning and how – if used properly – it could revolutionise the dynamics of the classroom. Many teachers throughout the world has grasped these new technologies and have implemented them with many exciting outcomes.

A question that has long plucked at my mind, however, is how technology is being used by educators to bring best practices to scale. Having used Twitter for many years, I have seen inspirational teachers using technology in novel ways to facilitate their students in achieving wondrous cognitive developments. What I haven’t seen is this happening at scale.

For teachers themselves, a key question can be posed. How can the efforts of the best teachers, using best practices, be brought to scale to affect the most students possible? Can technology play a role in this?

These questions – and thousands like it! – have led me to a new journey in my own education. I have recently begun a PhD in Education to look at how technology can facilitate the bringing to scale of best practice pedagogies. In other parts of society – business, goverment, industry – technology has been used to improve the workflow of participants so that less time is spent on the ‘grunt’ work and more time on delivering key outcomes.

This is going to be a significant journey of learning for me. As always, I welcome your feedback, ideas, suggestions! Please leave a comment below!

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