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This chart details the Northern Metropolitan Region’s Powerful Learning Strategies and tools that could be used to develop these in the classroom for students. Whilst it is not exhaustive, the chart does include a selection of tools from Web 2.0, EduSTAR and the Ultranet and, as such, offers a range that can be accessed by most teaching staff – irrespective of their ICT competence/comfort.

ToA Tools Chart

To support the utilization of the chart, an introductory guide was developed that gave staff a brief description of each of the tools, potential uses for the tools with their students and an external link to a “Getting Started” video. The Introductory guide can be found here:

ICT Tools Information and Links


For Parents:

It’s increasingly important, particularly from a welfare and wellbeing perspective, to ensure that parents are involved in the online lives of their children. As a member of the College Council’s Educational Committee, I have organised an evening seminar for parents to come into the school and have an opportunity to learn the skills required to ensure that their children are taking the necessary precautions online.

The flyer for this seminar can be seen here: making social nice

Much of the information discussed on this night came from the awesome resource created by Connect Safely. If you were unable to come to the session or are an interested party, please check out the Connect Safely resources here.

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