HaileyMakers – a STEM project


Let me clarify from the beginning – these are to be my own reflections on creating a new STEM/MakerSpace at Haileybury – they do not represent the ‘official’ views of my employer.

In the past two months, a group of interested staff have met and discussed ideasĀ on the potential for a STEM/MakerSpace program to be initiated in 2016 for full roll-out in 2017. This interest was harnessed by the Senior Vice Principal Mr Craig Glass and channeled into the creation of a STEM Committee. Said Committee has been tasked with planning how the school can evolve a diverse range of informal maker/hacker/robotic/coding clubs into a prominent and successful part of the program offered to build students’ intellectual development.

This is a unique challenge. Haileybury is a multi-campus school with over 3,500 students. Our campuses are in the Melbourne CBD, Berwick, Brighton, Keysborough and Beijing, China. Fundamental to the success of such a bold initiate, the leadership from all parts of the school strongly support the evolution of STEM within our context.

At this point we are committed to creating a MakerSpace at each campus, co-located within the existing Library facilities. These locations have been specifically chosen to reflect the importance of STEM thinking/creating skills to our current academic program. The Libraries represent the resource hubs from which students are able to explore their world in any number of interesting ways.